About Us

Our Philosophy and Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

To provide high quality education and care for children aged 3-6 years in a nurturing and stimulating environment. We aim to facilitate the development of strong foundations for life in partnership with families and the community. We cater for the diverse needs of the children and families in our community.

We believe that children:

  • are capable, resourceful, curious and eager to learn
  • are individuals, developing at their own pace and stage
  • do not develop and grow in isolation
  • are part of and learn in a wider social context
  • are responsible to others in their community

A child’s community is:

  • themselves
  • their family (immediate and extended)
  • their preschool
  • their local neighbourhood

All members of the community are important in the development of the child.

We believe that parents and family are the most important people in children’s lives and have the biggest impact on their learning.

Therefore, our role as early childhood educators involves:

  • getting to know each child well
  • offering opportunities for family involvement and partnership
  • providing relevant and interesting opportunities for children to follow interests and extend their learning, encouraging them to move beyond their current stage of development
  • providing an environment that allows children the time to express themselves, be creative, interact with materials, revisit experiences and learn about the world
  • fostering independence as part of a preparation for life and school
  • fostering a sense of responsibility in each child – knowing that they are an individual but also part of a wider group (learning to care and share)
  • nurturing children on a foundation of Christian values
  • understanding how our local community impacts on each child’s experience.


Northside Baptist Preschool maintains higher than required ratios whenever possible. Our staff are all highly qualified with many years of experience. Our staff are kind, caring and advocates for early childhood education. Your child will have the same teacher and educator every day, which is vital for building of relationships.

Each class (of 20 children) has a 4 year, University trained teacher (B.Ed.(ECE)) as well as an educator (either trained Cert 111 or Diploma).

A support educator/teacher is employed to work along the teachers to support children with additional needs.

An additional educator is employed between the hours of 10am-3pm to cover staff lunch breaks and programming and provide additional support during the morning play sessions.

Management Structure

Northside Baptist Preschool Management Committee (made up of Northside Baptist Church and Parent representatives) is responsible for the effective and efficient management of the Preschool and for the maintenance of the property and appropriate records. Northside Baptist Preschool is the Approved Provider.

The Director (Nominated Supervisor) is responsible to the Approved Provider for the overall planning, development, implementation and supervision of appropriate programs and activities the children.

We also have an Educational Leader who, with support of the teachers and educators, develops an appropriate program for each individual child. The educational team is implementing the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to guide their planning and programming.

Parents (Community representatives) are spokespersons at Management Committee meetings for the group of parents they represent.  They vote on issues pertaining to the management and administration of the preschool and report back to parents on specific issues raised by those parents.  The Management Committee meets at least once a term.

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