Our native bee hive – teaching us the importance of providing a rich environment for even the smallest of creatures.

Our belief is that we are giving children foundations for life long learning, and part of this requires us all to be mindful of how our daily actions impact the world in which we live, now and tomorrow. Out of respect for the environmental footprint as well as the financial investment Management and families have made, Educators spend time teaching all the children about gratitude and the importance of taking care of the Preschool world. Children are encouraged to care for the learning spaces, indoor and out, which has resulted in the preservation of our resources. 

Water play provides a rich sensory experience for all but we work with the children to ensure even our rainwater is respected and not wasted.

Recycling materials, food scraps and waste is a big focus for our Preschool. Different bins are provided to sort waste, materials that are usually destined for the bin are up cycled for craft materials and of course…. a worm farm to eat our fruit scraps with the liquid castings fertilising our vast array of edible plants.

Every morning, educators and children engage in an acknowledgement of country, thanking the Cammeraygal people for the land on which the Preschool lies and promising to help continue the care for the land, its people and animals.