Children need to be on our waitlist to be considered for a position. Waitlist applications are accepted from birth. 

Download a waitlist form here:

Wait List Form

Information sheet 2015

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at our preschool.  This information is designed to briefly outline some details which you may find helpful. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact our Director, Ainslie Quinn on 9958 6602 or send an email

The Preschool is licensed by the Department of Education  for 40 children per day aged between 3-6 years.  This group is divided into two classes (20 children in each).  The hours of operation and attendance patterns are as follows:

  • 2 day group (Monday & Tuesday)
    9.00am – 3.00pm
  • 3 day group (Wed, Thurs & Fri)
    9.00am – 3.00pm

Waiting List/Enrolments

Children are enrolled according to our enrolment policy:

  • applications for positions on the waiting list are accepted from birth, with proof of age and the $35.00 application fee included. Please note: returning an application form does NOT guarantee you a position at the preschool.
  • children at risk, low income families and children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families will be given first priority
  • children currently enrolled at the preschool will be given preference for 3 day positions for the following year
  • children who are eligible for school in the following year will then be offered available places in the 3 day groups, or a 2 day group based on date of waitlist received
  • other available places are for siblings then all other children who have turned 3 years old before 30th April in the year that entry is sought to the preschool, based on date of waitlist received
  • **Please note children can not start until they are 3 years of age and fees are required until the child commences).
  • we also accept children with special needs, however placement is dependent upon budgetary restraints, staffing levels and the ability of the preschool to cater for the additional needs

Wait List Form

Preschool Management

Our Preschool, which commenced operation on 3rd April 1950, is administered by a Management Committee consisting of both Church and Parent representatives.  The members are elected annually with the parent representatives being appointed at the Annual General Meeting.  The Management Committee (through our Coordinator) oversees the direction and financial management of the preschool.  The Director is responsible for the day-to-day administration and the educational program.

Fees and Fee Assistance

The Preschool fees are set to cover the cost of the Centre which is a non-profit organisation.  Accounts for fees will be sent out each term and parents are asked to return payment promptly by the due date – either in a full term payment or two half term instalments.  The preferred method of payment is cheque or EFT.

While fees are not charged for school holidays, they are charged for the entire term (regardless of illness, other holidays, public holidays and pupil free days).

An acceptance fee is required to accept and secure a child’s position at the preschool.  This fee is taken off the fee total during the child’s last term at preschool.  This acceptance fee is non-refundable unless eight (8) weeks notice is given to the Director, in writing and during term time.

Fee subsidies are available for eligible families, including low income families and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Please discuss your eligibility with the Director.

Daily Requirements

Children bring a bag, a hat, a full change of clothes, a set of approved sleep sheets, and their own food.  Morning tea and lunch is brought to preschool by the child – our nutrition policy requires only healthy, low waste food to be sent to preschool.  We provide each child with a drink of water at morning tea only, and parents are asked to pack a drink bottle for lunch and throughout the day.
Our nutrition guidelines include a strict policy of NO NUTS to assist the safety of anaphylactic and allergic children. We aim to be an ALLERGY AWARE Preschool.


Each class has an Early Childhood trained teacher supported by an experienced educator (child care worker).  Our Director teaches Wednesday-Friday but is available on Monday’s for tours of the centre.

An Early Childhood trained Support Teacher coordinates our additional needs program.

Director/Nominated Supervisor: Ainslie Quinn (B.Ed. (ECE))

It is your responsibility to inform the Director of any change of address of phone number before intended placement.  If this is not correct before enrolment, we cannot ensure a position.